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Our mission

CHSLD Bussey (Québec) inc. is a long-term care facility, privately owned and government subsidized. It is an institution which has been designated to serve both the French and English communities on the West Island of Montreal.

 It’s mission is to offer, on a temporary or permanent basis, alternative environment, lodging, assistance, support and supervision services as well as rehabilitation, recreation, psychosocial and nursing care and medical services to adults who, by reason of loss of functional or psychosocial autonomy can no longer live in their natural environment, despite the support of their families and friends. CHSLD Bussey receives its clientele mostly from the administrative of the “ Centre de santé et de services sociaux Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle” where he is an associate member, and the “Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile”, people who require such services.

Our purpose is to ensure that our residents’ needs are periodically assessed and that the required services are offered within its facilities. Over and above offering room and board and assuring the well-being and protection of the resident, Bussey Center has always been concerned with prioritizing quality of care and individualized services for both the resident and their families. We are proud of our experience and our quest to continually improve the quality of care and services. We believe in applying the concept of milieu de vie; warm, humane, and secure respecting the limits, needs and rights of each resident, their family and friends.

This human approch is translated by the marked interest of the administration and employees to make the well-being of our residents the center of our actions. As well, Bussey Center encourages the involvement of volunteers as one way of keeping contact with the community, CHSLD Bussey commits itself to these activities stated above in order to assure each resident dignity and quality of life.

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