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Member of the Quebec Association of Privetly owned and Government subsidized Institutions (AEPC)


Le CHSLD Bussey est présentement
à la recherche de personnes
dynamiques et compétentes dans
 les secteurs suivants :

 Cuisinier(ère) et préposé(e)
    au service alimentaire

Sur la liste de rappel.

Préposé (e) aux bénéficiaires 

 Sur  appel, pour combler les
 besoins de la fin de semaine

Vous pouvez envoyer votre C.V.
par fax: 514-637-1129 ou par
courriel :




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CHSLD Bussey
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Work environment

CHSLD Bussey is a dynamic team of 46 employees and with 34 of them working directly to provide care to our 35 residents. Our health care team includes 20 PABs, 4 auxiliary nurses, 6 assistant-head nurses, 4 professionals (physio, nutritionist, social worker, recreation technician). Added to this is a team of 9 people working on auxiliary services (food service and housekeeping).

The management team consists of the Head of Technical Services, the Director of Nursing, the administrative assistant and the director general of the institution. To meet the human resource needs, the CHSLD Bussey hires an average of 5 candidates per year. 

If you are interested in being part of our team, please send your resume by mail or by email to martine.forget.bussey@ssss.gouv.qc.ca 

CHSLD Bussey is very proud of belonging and the quality of the work environment offered to employees. As proof, 46% of our employees have more than 13 years of service.

Respect, commitment and integrity to our clients are qualities that all our staff possess, in order to supply excellant services to our residents.

Our employees enjoy a workplace located along the Lachine canal where the environment is quiet and peaceful.

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